Fairfield Hills Campus in Sandy hook, Newtown use to help individual people with challenged minds for the better but now the doors are open and the campus is being renovated to all minds in the town of Newtown who want to change the community politically for the better, and is the home to my family where I go once a month till the end of the new project to escape the demanding urban life of Bridgeport.
The old 1900 era crumbling buildings that still stand are being replaced with bulldozers and construction workers with new 2000 era identical buildings.
The old buildings once housed rooms with beds, showers, cafeterias, recreational rooms, offices, and work areas.
The new municipal center now has a place for the first selectman, board of education, finance, town clerk, Newtown volunteer ambulance, and Newtown parent connection.
The once recreation rooms that consumers gathered in, and outside areas they walked to get fresh air are replaced with a Newtown youth academy and walking trail.
My grandmother once was a consumer and stayed for treatment and help at the old Fairfield Hills Campus. Now me, my parents, sister and her husband are residents of Sandy hook, Newtown and use the services for town business and to walk with our dogs at the new Fairfield Hills Campus.

Mission Statement: Photos that mean something important to me. Personal photos that include photovoice photos; photos with writing that tell a story...

 Overlooking McLevy Green in the year 2018 on Bank Street, in downtown Bridgeport, CT stands tall an image on canvas of my grandmother, Margorie Nordstrom Schneider, protecting me in my own neighborhood.
She is in her work clothes, circa 1945, WWII, working in a factory in Bridgeport, CT making ammunition for the soldiers serving overseas in Europe fighting Hitler and the Nazis.
Everyday when I leave my apartment across from McLevy Green, I see the image of my grandmother working away fighting the evils of war and reminding me to live my life better and face the obstacles of mental health and addiction with a strong hand.
The image of Marge not only protects and is an inspiration to me but represents a motivation for the neighborhood of downtown Bridgeport, CT as it goes through its slow, but strong and steady renovation of old abandon buildings to new apartments, restaurants, and shops to welcome new and old visitors.
I don’t know how long the image will hang high above my neighborhood, or how long I will stay in this neighborhood, but the spark has been set, and the message sent and received, and I now live my life with a little more confidence as I face my daily challenges.