A Lady and A City
Directed By Jaimey Perham

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A Lady and A City Ultra Widescreen Remaster 2022

Remastered from a 1998 Fairfield University student film directed by Jaimey Perham about the story of my late grandmother, Marjorie Nordstrom Schneider and the story of Bridgeport, CT USA. 

Original student thesis film shot in Black and White 16 mm film. I receive no money, or profit for this Fairfield University film and 100% of any royalties from this video and song should go to Neil Diamond, for the use of his song, “The Story of my Life,” or go to a Parkinson's disease foundation like https://www.parkinson.org/   - thanks Neil and hope you get better soon, and rip grandma.


         Written and Directed By Austin Thomas Wood

Vera is a sci-fi short film about a lone astronaut, Adam Morrison, on a mission to Jupiter. During the mission, his spaceship malfunctions and soon dies, leaving him floating aimlessly through space. Jupiter soon pulls the ship into its gravitational field and then shoots it towards the Sun. The traveler is now left to ponder his life and the meaning behind it in his final moments.

   A Fuller Life 

   Directed By Samantha Fuller

In A Fuller Life, Filmmaker Samantha Fuller pays tribute to her late father, American film and literary icon Sam Fuller, with this film featuring excerpts from his memoirs read by fans, friends, and followers. Participants include Joe Dante, James Franco, William Friedkin, Wim Wenders, James Toback, Monte Hellman, and Fuller's former muse Constance Towers. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

   The Opportunists  

   Written and Directed By Myles Connell

The Opportunists is about a struggling auto mechanic with a criminal past who agrees to one last heist to pay off his debts.Vic is a struggling auto mechanic with a safe-cracking past and a lot of debt. His girlfriend runs a bar and offers to loan him the money she's saved for remodeling, but Vic is reluctant to take it. When a long-lost cousin from Ireland shows up on his doorstep, the two team up for one last heist.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, I do not own the music, all rights to the song "The Story of My Life" performed and written by Neil Diamond in the student film "A Lady and A City" goes to Neil Diamond.

*Now Property of  Universal Music Group (2022)

Headed for the Future
Studio album by Neil Diamond
Released March 11, 1986
Recorded 1985
Genre Pop rock
Length 39:28
Label Columbia
Producer Neil Diamond, David Foster, Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager, Maurice White, Greg Phillinganes, Stevie Wonder

"The Story of My Life"
Lists the same musicians here as were listed for the "Headed for the Future" track; obviously, not all of those musicians performed on this track as well. It is possible that Diamond himself might have performed some of the instrumentation (such as piano and/or acoustic guitar) uncredited.

"Headed for the Future"
Alan Lindgren – synthesizers, pianos, arrangements
Tom Hensley – pianos, synthesizers, arrangements
Richard Bennett – guitar
Doug Rhone – guitar
Hadley Hockensmith – guitar
Reinie Press – bass guitar
Ron Tutt – drums
King Errisson – percussion, congas
Vince Charles – percussion, steel drums
Linda Press – backing vocals